Adelene le Roux takes the helm in Lydenburg

So far 2020 has been a year of change, of pivoting towards a new normal and above all, to survive the many challenges the year violently hurled at us. But for some, it is turning out to be a year of facing those challenges and embracing the new opportunities it brings with it.

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This is exactly the case for newly appointed Dealer Principal at Morgan Nissan Lydenburg, Adelene le Roux, who started as DP in August when the Morgan Group took over the dealership.

According to Le Roux, by sheer luck or even a bit of destiny, the dealership started out as Morgan’s Garage in the late Sixties, before it was changed to Longtom Nissan. “Now we are a Morgan again, and with the revamp and new management, my team is ready to deliver great service and provide top quality, reliable cars,” she said.

Morgan's Garage
A flashback to the Morgan's Garage in the 60s

Dealerfloor had the opportunity to ask her some questions:

1. Do you have any specific plans to ensure the success of the dealership?

I believe that dealerships are only as successful as the employees who run it. As a result, I plan to empower my team members to make their own decisions. I trust them, but also hold them accountable. Finally, I plan to create an environment where employees want to stay for the long haul. Reducing staff-turnover means you can rely on more knowledgeable staff, needing less training and, ultimately, more competent and engaged employees.

In my mind, teamwork is key Another key element is to understand and meet our customers’ needs and desires. With customer’s expectations continuously evolving, the best dealers constantly innovate to provide that expectant experience. A positive experience with a customer can turn him or her into being a lifetime customer, while at the same time building your brand by word-of-mouth.

2. There aren’t too many women DPs in the industry, but it seems the situation is changing. What is you view?

Whether you are male or female working in the automotive industry, what matters is being able to do the job. If you are dedicated, organised, willing to learn, motivated, passionate and believe in teamwork, then you can succeed in the automotive industry. Women have been part of the dealership for ever, proving themselves to be valuable assets. It was bound to happen for women to move through the ranks, as they have proven their value in all the sectors.

3. Any advice for young women who are considering the auto industry as a career option?

It is a fast-moving industry, that is highly fulfilling in all aspects. It is rewarding, not only in a financial sense, but emotionally too. If you are a go-getter, can work hard and you are a first rate multi-tasker, this is the job for you!

4. In the current economic climate, people are taking financial strain. How important are extended warranties and service plans?

It is very important to keep our customers in a stable, better financial position, being aware of any unforeseen situation that could place further financial strain on them. If the maintenance expenses of their vehicles are included in the monthly instalment, they will have peace of mind being covered, even when the unexpected happens.

5. Lydenburg is at the centre of the fly-fishing industry. Which Nissan vehicle is best suited to drive if you are into that hobby and why do you say so?

Nissan X-Trail, without question. With its 5-star safety rating, spaciousness, comfort and the fact that you can add roof racks for all your gear, you and your family will be able to drive in comfort on almost any terrain, arriving safely at your destination.

6. What do you consider the best part of working at Morgan Nissan Lydenburg?

I am passionate about my workplace and absolutely adore the automotive industry. Here at Morgan Nissan Lydenburg, we are a team and I feel as if I am part of a family. I am fortunate and grateful that someone saw my potential, giving me the opportunity to make this a success while aiming at the sky.

7. Quick fire questions:

Wine or gin? Wine
Your favourite meal: Chicken breast
Which car do you drive: Any vehicle, as long as it is a fast, good quality car
Your favourite thing to do, when you have time off: Cycling
Tell us something most people don’t know about you: I am an open book, everyone knows everything about me

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